Because every rocket ship is different

We realize that every rocket ship is different. To digitize and streamline your fundamental business processes, we must first understand the nature of these processes and the sources of organizational waste and inefficiencies that are specific to your business. Some of these sources are technical, while others are cultural and psychological. At Rocket Fixer, we believe that developing an efficient and human-friendly ERP is not only about IT and IQ, but also about EQ and SQ.

Pilot Consultancy

Because the best things in life are free

Every CEO thinks that his or her organization is completely unique. And while this is usually true, some ERP developers are likely to exploit this perception by pushing you to invest heavily into a unique custom-developed ERP system. Rocket Fixer is here to remind you that the best things in life are free. For example, the community version of Odoo ERP may be sufficient for roughly 50 percent of all SME’s. If that’s your case, your only investment is in mastering the ERP’s use. And that’s what Rocket Fixer’s consultants are here for.


Because it‘s time to go to the moon

If the analysis of your fundamental business processes determines the need for bespoke ERP modules, Rocket Fixer will advise you on investing in paid Odoo modules and apps, and train your team to use them. Custom developing should always be considered as the option of the last resort. If none of the ready-made ERP solutions are up to the task of digitizing and streamlining your business processes, Rocket Fixer’s team of developers will find a bespoke solution to facilitate real change in your organization.