In today’s culture, companies are often portrayed as rockets. The upward flight of a rocket ship symbolizes every company’s desired growth trajectory. Reaching the moon, however, is never easy. What usually happens is that most SMEs often become prisoners of their own success as growth becomes difficult to sustain. Organizational expansion often produces a situation where processes that used to be quick and easy become time‑consuming and difficult to manage. And, instead of chasing their big dream, leaders are forced to micro‑manage and suffer through daily inefficiencies just to keep their rocket ship afloat.

Rocket Fixer enterprise resource planning consultancy was founded with a mission to liberate business leaders from daily maintenance works so that they can focus on getting their company to the promised land.

We think of our clients – the CEOs and the CTOs – as courageous rocket ship pilots. You have the vision and the muscle to realize your strategic objectives. Once you reach higher skies, however, you are likely to realize that your business rocket is no longer as efficient as before, and that it may need some tuning and optimization. That’s when you call Rocket Fixer. Because, if there’s one critical area of business management that determines the long-term sustainability of growth, it’s a well‑functioning ERP system.

A team of trained experts in Odoo ERP processes, Rocket Fixer specializes in ERP diagnostics, consultancy and developing. We aim to challenge the market standard of complicated and expensive ERP implementations projects. At Rocket Fixer, we believe that simplicity is the new rocket science. It is with this core belief that we implement applications for ERP, CRM and e‑commerce.