Image Why Odoo?

Why Odoo and only Odoo?

At Rocket Fixer, we seek to be the most efficient supplier of ERP solutions for SME’s. Efficiency is predicated on specialization. Therefore, instead of being average at working with multiple tool boxes, we decided to be the best at working with one universal tool box. That tool box is Odoo. In this piece, we explain why Odoo ERP is the best option for both Rocket Fixer and our clients.

Limitless Tool Box

Odoo is an incredibly vast application that comprises all important modules including accounting, CRM, sales, website, purchase, inventory, HRMS, manufacturing, projects, fleet, discuss, POS, etc. Instead of looking through different tool boxes every time your rocket ship has a new issue to fix, we can rely on Odoo which is truly an all-in-one management software. As of the moment of writing, Odoo features more than 16.000 different apps. If your situation presents a unique challenge, customization options are also available. With Rocket Fixer, you can enjoy the efficiency of Odoo’s ready-made ERP solutions, as well as professionally developed bespoke solutions.

Open Source

Not only is the Odoo tool box huge, it’s also being expanded on a daily basis. Odoo is an open source software with a large community of developers working non-stop to keep it updated. With Odoo, you never run the risk of getting stuck with an ERP that is no longer being developed to meet your needs.

Radical Availability

The free-of-charge community version of Odoo ERP is sufficient for roughly 50 percent of all SME’s. If that’s your case, your only investment is in mastering the ERP’s use. If the analysis of your fundamental business processes determines the need for bespoke modules, Rocket Fixer will advise you on investing in paid Odoo apps, and will train your team to use them. Either way your ROI will be much higher as compared to investing in proprietary software (the kind of ERP software that charges insane amounts for installation alone).

Easy is the Word

At Rocket Fixer, our greatest wish is that CEO’s and managers can focus on achieving their big objectives instead of micro-managing to merely keep their rocket ship afloat. For this to be true, your ERP must ensure a smooth and stress-free functioning of your key business processes. And that is another area where Odoo is unsurpassable. Not only is it easy to implement and integrate, it’s also easy to use (especially with Rocket Fixer at your side). What’s more, whenever you decide to implement a new module, you will be able to do so without disrupting other processes.

For experienced ERP professionals, Odoo represents everything they’ve been dreaming about. Like every great tool ever developed, however, it requires training and know-how to be able to use it effectively. That’s why Rocket Fixer is here for you.